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1. - 4. November 2018

With Michael Egeter &

Ursus Sahli



  • ENJOY a time-out for yourself  in beautiful countryside with hearty and spirited men

  • NURTURE body, mind and spirit 

  • GET practical tools for your life-balance, that wake up and improve your vitality, your emotional and mental intelligence and creativity

  • RELOAD your batteries and get your man power again


  • ENRICH your relationships and intimacy with women 

  • ENHANCE your ability to respond to stress, overcome obstacles and blockages

  • Bring your SELF-CONFIDENCE to new levels and be an authentic man

  • Upgrade your COMMUNICATION in daily life


  • IMPROVE your decision making process 

  • Bring more FLOW into your body to stay in good shape, maintain vital health and improve health issues




6.30 PM


8 PM

Welcome & Intro

10 PM

Silent Time


7 AM

Active Meditation

8 AM


9.30 AM - 6 PM


With Breaks & Lunch

6 PM


8 PM

optional night event

10 PM

Silent time


7 AM

Active Meditation

8 AM


9.30 AM - 6 PM


With Breaks & Lunch

6 PM


8 PM

optional night event

10 PM

Silent time


7 AM

Active Meditation

8 AM


9.30 AM - 3 PM


With Breaks & Lunch

till 4 PM



Maybe every once in a while you discover that mentally and physically your getting sluggish, your body is pinching, you get stuck in your job or in your relationships and you are no longer happy with your current situation. In parts of your being you can’t feel the fire in your soul any more. 


Maybe you have the feeling that there is something deep inside of you, what you cannot reach.


A potential to live life fully, covered by something unknown. Somehow you know that there is more but it’s not accessible.


You want to feel your heart and find your sparkling eyes again.


On this retreat you have the chance to experience. The chance to let go of what is holding you back.




In this base camp, in a wonderful spirited scenery „a stone's throw away“ from Lake Constance and the Alps, we offer you a pit-stop with time to reflect, to clear out, to dive into your resources to recharge your batteries and update your running „software“.


Our approach includes the whole system of the body. We will have mostly active parts, where you are the main actor.


The exercises and tools we use, allow to go in areas, you weren't able to reach before.


They will  help you to get back into your flow and to be ready for discovering new continents. Heading on your journey of life with vaster view, new inspirations and spirit.



​Because you are worth it!

During these 3 days we will be a tribe. Together and everybody on his own. An adventure in the unknown. The program is designed to open the possiblity for a fundamental change inside of you.


Being around other authentic men helps us to connect to ourselves in a unique way. During these 3 days, we will have the time only for us. A time out, just for us.


You are around other authentic and likeminded men who listen with open heart and without any masks.

This will give you the ground for the seeds to grow, to explore, to dive deeper and go beyond.



The hosts of the retreat centre, Wolfgang and Nikola, created a beautiful space and a unique atmosphere. They took the place over in October 2017 and their signature is already clearly visible. They are about to redesign many things like ie their website.


It was an exiting journey for us to find the right place, especially for this man retreat. After visiting our favourite locations in person, "Sonnentor" made it. "Sonnentor" is german and means "Sungate". Ursus walked through the property of the retreat centre with the owner Wolfgang and we knew: Yes, that's it!


The 4000m² area offers silence and energetically positive vibes. The right place to find peace, power and the happiness of life.



There is an open eating area with a sunny conservatory, a sauna with silence room and a cozy room with an open fireplace. Plenty of space to recharge the batteries.


The ceilings and walls of the group room are made of natural wood. The floor is made of warming cork. A feeling of peace, harmony and safety comes up.


The area around our retreat centre is called “Allgäu”, which offers a landscape with breath-taking qualities.


Alpine mountains in the south, juicy green hills, crystal clear lakes and rivers, vast meadows and forests.


The Allgäu-landscape in southern Germany is divided up between Bavaria and Baden-Wurtemberg and located closely to the 3-Country-Corner of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



We want you to be totally in the process. With a good supply of the essentials.

The main meals consist of various delicious homemade and vegetarian food.


The rich but not too heavy meals help us to stay strong and awake.


We love food and for us it is an important ingredient of the event.


Ursus Sahli

Discover your roots, strength and your flow (again). With a vaster view, new inspirations, tailor-made navigation and supporting tools in everyday life.


Michael Egeter

The body oriented methods will bring you towards more courage, aliveness and inner freedom. Find the value and importance of your sexual energy and connect it to your heart.

What people say

Michael R. / Germany

I had mixed thoughts as I didn't know what to expect. These thoughts disappeared cause Michael was able to give me a feeling of safety. I was exhausted and I realised that I feel very released.


Accomodation with food has to be booked separately from the workshop.

See details below






Max. Participants: 15

Start: 1.11. 6PM - End: 4.11. 4PM

Spoken language: english / german (both provided)


Accomodation & Food

Has to be booked separately!!

A link and information for booking of accomodation with food will be sent to you after booking the workshop.


maximum* 73€ per night with 3 meals included

​(3 nights for max. 219€)


We will take care of snacks during the day as well as water & tea.








Retreat Centre "Seminarhof Sonnentor Allgäu"
Nikola Weiser und
Wolfgang Gasser
Zum Greut 3
D - 88410 Bad Wurzach
Tel.: +49 7527 - 954777
mobil: +49 1525 - 1900120



For any questions don't hesitate to CONTACT US: michael@veossence.com

*this price is for the most expensive category => click here to see the rooms










For the workshop fee we don't accept any cancellations. We support the idea to make a commitment and do everything possible to join. Only in special cases we decide individually about a refund.

Service of the retreat centre:

Reservation, payments and canceling isusues have to be done with the retreat centre „Sonnentor Allgäu“ directly.

Click here for general terms and conditions of "Sonnentor" (only in german)

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